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How we work

Just starting out and looking for a low-cost solution to power your growth? We can do that. Established expert and looking to fill a highly specialised senior position, where discretion is key? We can do that too.

Fuse covers both permanent and contract digital recruitment, so whether you want someone to join your staff for the long-haul, or need the flexibility of a fully-managed contract solution, we’ve got you covered.


To enhance candidate experience and ensure we secure the right talent, our dedicated delivery specialists will immerse themselves in your company’s core brand values by spending time on-site and building relationships with key members of the team.


Be ahead of the curve and utilise forward-thinking technology which saves you that all important time. Beat your competition to the best candidates with our bespoke video interview platform which allows you to interview at a time to suit you.

Exclusive Insights

You will gain access to exclusive insights to help enhance your employer reputation such as in-depth salary benchmarking, external perception and employer brand frameworks.


We pride ourselves on our in-depth and rigorous shortlisting process which is efficient as well as extensive. In addition to being expertly screened by our specialists, candidates will undertake certified technical and psychometric assessments.

Our four Fuse solutions ensure that we can deliver the perfect-fit digital recruitment solution for every organisation.

Fuse StartUp is tailored precisely to the needs of brand-new businesses, or those that have just secured their first round of funding. In these fast-paced, high-pressure times recruitment is often urgent – but careful cashflow management even more so.

StartUpFuse StartUp offers:

  • Fees spread over 12 months
  • Automatic fee cancellation should a candidate leave within the year

Fuse Growth is shaped around the needs of fast-growth organisations which need multiple similarly-skilled hires within a year. Save as you grow – and enjoy the seamlessness of an ongoing recruitment partner.

GrowthFuse Growth offers:

  • FA 25% discount on regular fees for four or more similarly-skilled hires in 12 months
  • A share of 10% on any fees generated elsewhere from a rejected candidate

Fuse Contract is the answer for major projects and fast-growth periods which demand mass resource, available yesterday. A virtual bench of fully compliant, IR35 insured digital talent is ready to deliver.

ContractFuse Contract offers:

  • Quarterly cashback of between 5% and 30% based on the average number of contractors per month
  • A trial start model rather than interviews, for maximum speed and scalability
  • Unlimited replacements should a contractor drop out
  • Online timesheets

Fuse Essential is our bespoke approach for senior, unusual and challenging hires. There’s no one-size-fits-all model here – we draw on our extensive networks of industry networks, explore forums, private groups and events, run tailored marketing strategies and even use specialist tools

EssentialFuse Essential offers:

  • A truly bespoke approach, tailored around you
  • Virtual screening to save time during interviewing
  • Free replacement should the hire leave within three months

What's included?

Job advertisements
Google for Jobs optimised advertisements on specialist job boards.

Innovative interview process
Reduce time-consuming face-to-face interviews with our bespoke video platform.

Salary benchmarking
Take the stress out of recruiting. Feedback to your dedicated account manager within 24 hours of the interview.

Project Delivery team
Gain up-to-date insights into remuneration packages.

Streamlined feedback process
Partner with dedicated specialists who fully understand your business.

Technical checks & psychometric testing
Receive objective and detailed profiles on candidates’ knowledge and skills.

Branded adverts and emails
Increase your brand awareness with dual branded adverts and email marketing campaigns.

Whats included

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