Be the difference – why recruitment is rewarding

“You’re a recruitment company. All you must care about is your bottom line, that must be what drives you.”

Wrong. It’s the reward, it’s about being able to make a difference. Bare with me while I use a tried and tested analogy to attempt to explain what I mean:

Take the claw crane amusement arcade game, you know, the one where you try and scoop up a toy in mechanical pincers. The toys up for grabs are more often than not inexpensive but you want the toy, and you are willing to spend your hard earned cash for that sense of achievement.

You could quite easily go to your local toy shop or shop online for the item in question. Save your money, time and avoid the heartache you feel when you lose for third (more like tenth…) time. Not to mention saving yourself from the embarrassment when you’re so close to winning, you’re mid-victory dance and the toy slips from grasp at the final stage.

But, no. You persevere. You spend you’re pennies and develop your skills. All for the sense of achievement, for that ‘winning’ feeling.

Recruitment can be the same. The hours people work can be long, the effort people go to can be limitless. The win to lose ratio is often unbalanced. Even when our grabby claw has sourced an outstanding candidate there’s an obstacle course to complete to get them over the finish line. It’s fair to say, in the world of work, there are easier and more lucrative positions out there.

We at Socium do recruitment to be the difference. The reward for the long hours, the continual LinkedIn Recruiter digs and the incessant emotional rollercoaster.

The difference between a disengaged and disheartened employee constantly counting down the days to payday over an employee who enthuses optimism on what the week will bring. The difference between a team member and just another “bum on a seat.” More than anything we aim, for both candidates and clients, to be the difference from your average agency to their trusted recruitment partner.

Don’t get me wrong, the financial benefits of being a successful recruiter are certainly attractive, but that’s secondary to that euphoric feeling you get when you find a class candidate their ideal job or help a client out with an assignment they were struggling with. If you’re looking for a role where you input minimum effort for maximum results then we advise you to look elsewhere. If you want to be the difference in someone’s career or team and the doors open.

Come join us!

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