How to attract tech talent to a non-tech business

Your business is the front runner in your industry and has a well-established brand with customers and candidates alike. However, to stay current, you understand how important it is to consistently adapt your business model to stay ahead of the times – and your competitors. As a result, you’re looking to scale up your tech department. The problem is, you’re not known in the tech world.

So, how do you attract tech talent to your non-tech organisation?

It all starts with your employer brand

A compelling employer brand can transform your candidate attraction efforts, ensuring candidates know you for reasons which are highly relevant to them. If you’re looking to attract tech talent you need to become familiar in what they truly want from an employer.

For example, all companies should, at the very least, ensure they have a positive culture, competitive salary, flexibility, remote working and opportunities for career progression. Aside from the basics, here are our five key benefits for attracting tech talent.

Techies can be creative too

Startups are seen as innovative and exciting places to work. They are the true pioneers of taking risks and experimenting. As Mark Zuckerberg said to his team, “move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”

Also, similar to consumers, tech talent can often be drawn to things that are new and shiny. To compete, non-tech organisations should promote trial and error practices which give employees the autonomy to make mistakes, learn and develop. Establish your company as an exciting option for forward-thinking people who want to be able to use their imagination, experiment and put their skills to the test.

What’s the RAM on this thing?

If you want to hire techies, your relevant audience will likely be attracted by a company that gives their employees the best kit. Businesses using dated tech are likely to lose out to those who invest in their technology, and subsequently creating a better experience for their employees.

Work with specialists

Recruiters who have significant experience of hiring within the tech industry will already have an extensive talent pool at their fingertips. If they’ve been in the industry a while, they’ll likely be able to reel off a few names of candidates which would be suitable for your role before you’ve even finished briefing them.

Not only will they know candidates who possess the skills you’re after, but they’ll also have a pre-existing idea of the type of workplace that would interest them. As a result, using recruiters who know what they’re on about will shorten time-to-hire and should improve retention levels.

Top tech talent attracts other fellow top techies

If there’s one thing we know about people with a career in tech it’s that they enjoy learning. You can’t survive in the industry if you’re not committed to continually developing your skills – and learning new things.

One of the most effective ways to develop is to collaborate (or compete) with similarly skilled people you respect and admire. In short, source one top techie and you’ll soon have all of the local techies around for a barbeque. Or a Hackathon, whatever.

All organisations, tech or otherwise, require these sought-after skills. The key for non-tech companies is to pay attention to what candidates in tech want from an employer and provide.

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