How to hire the right person – not the “right now” person

Contingent recruitment refers to a type of recruitment where the agency collects a fee from the client only when a candidate is placed. It’s the most common form of recruitment, and at first glance, it’s no surprise why. The recruitment agency takes all the risk, and you only need to pay should they find you an impressive candidate. We’ve written a blog before about our views on contingent recruitment if you want to know more.

In this blog though, we’re looking at our preferred recruitment model which we like to term Fuse. The model takes the best bits of traditional contingent recruitment and ensures candidates receive a personalised experience.

Using a recruitment model like Fuse increases your chances of hiring the right person, not the “right now” person. Read on to find out more.

Consider contract

Before you brief recruiters on your vacancy, predict how long you’ll likely need this extra resource. Although your first thought may be to bring someone on board full-time, it’s worth weighing up the options. Do you predict this busy period will continue? How many projects do you have in the pipeline?

Now more than ever is a perfect opportunity to assess whether using contract resource may be the better option for your business. Contract recruitment can offer you the flexibility and scalability your business may need to depend on in the current climate.

When using multiple contractors, you’ll usually receive cashback if you’re working with an exclusive recruitment partner.

Personalised approach

One of the biggest downfalls of the contingent “race to place” model is that the candidate experience falls by the wayside. Contingent consultants are rushing to gain confirmation from the candidate to send their C.V. that they don’t have time to give a detailed overview of the company’s values. Even worse than this, they may paint a rosy picture of the position which isn’t strictly true – and this will cause issues down the line.

By engaging with one recruitment partner, you can ensure the candidate experience is aligned with your company values. Your recruiter will spend time immersing themselves in your brand enabling them to discuss the role and company with candidates accurately and effectively.

Saving time

If you brief multiple recruiters on the same role, you may think this would save time – unfortunately, it’s the opposite. If you work with numerous agencies, you’ll receive numerous communications and likely review more candidates than necessary. Or, you may spend time discussing the role in detail with recruiters not to receive a single relevant C.V.

Interviewing candidates and reviewing CVs is a time-consuming process. Not only that, but you usually have to schedule your day around them. Many in-demand candidates may not be able to take time out of their working day to meet with you, meaning the process can eat into your free time.

By working with one partner, you can ensure they know how you like to interview and when. A reputable partner is likely to have an interview video platform, which is essential during these unusual times. Trusting one recruiter will save valuable time – for you and your candidates.

Market Insights

Another excellent reason for limiting your recruitment partners is the invaluable insights you can ascertain on your employer brand and reputation.

Whereas a recruitment consultant who is working with you for the first time is more likely to blow smoke up your behind, a trusted partner will tell you like it is (well, we will anyway.)

By working exclusively with one agency, you will have access to all the feedback candidates give. Are you known in the industry as an employer of choice? Is the reason you’re struggling to attract quality candidates because of your salary or benefits package? Is there another company that is seen as more desirable to work for?

All this research is invaluable to your business and something that companies often spend money on separately from their attraction fees. When working with one recruitment partner on an exclusive basis, you gain these insights as part of the package.

Fuse reinvents the traditional recruitment model by putting your business first. By utilsing technology and personalising the candidate experience, we create a process that fits your specific business requirements. For more information, email us at

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