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How to develop an EVP to attract and retain tech talent

A recent survey by US-based employer branding firm Universum, discovered that 84% of the world’s top 100 most-attractive employers have an employee value proposition (EVP). As the demand for top talent continues, having an EVP is becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors. 

What is an Employee value proposition (EVP)?

An EVP is a strategic statement that communicates your company’s values and ideologies.

Dell’s Senior Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition, Marie Moynihan states that an EVP needs to be “reflective of reality and an authentic message based on what your team members are actually experiencing.” 

Where to start?

According to global research and advisory firm, Gartner, there are 5 main attributes included in a strong EVP:

Opportunity – opportunities to progress within the company, learn new skills and develop existing and the growth rate of the organisation.

Rewards – remuneration package, holiday entitlement and other benefits such as healthcare, employer pension contributions and employee assistance programmes.

Work – Job-interest alignment and work-life balance

Organisation – market position, quality of product or service, and social responsibility

People – Quality of managers, co-workers and senior leadership as well as collaboration

When thinking about these key points focus on your tech talent rather than your company as a whole. Depending on the size and hiring needs of your company, you may decide to segment your EVP further, for example, creating a bespoke EVP for developers.

If you’re struggling to understand why your employees specifically choose to work for your organisation- ask them! Your EVP will be easier to sell to candidates if it’s a true reflection of how your existing employees view your company.

When thinking about your EVP, here are some things to consider that will differentiate yourself from the competition and get candidates excited about working for you:

Personalise your perks

Make sure your benefits package is appealing to tech talent. Conduct an internal survey to discover which benefits your employees are using and what could be substituted for something more worthwhile.

The majority of companies cannot compete with its competitors solely on salary, but they can be creative with their rewards and benefits schemes. In recent years, some organisations have started to include benefits that set them apart from the crowd and attract quality candidates. Whether it be weekly yoga sessions, education allowances or unlimited holidays, find out what works for your employees and you as an organisation and continue to keep an eye out on what the competition is offering. 

Be transparent

If you don’t have regular all expenses paid parties and a ball pit in the breakout area, don’t give the impression you do. If you pretend to be something you’re not to attract candidates you will end up with employees that aren’t right for your business. Be truthful from the start and you’re more likely to retain your tech talent. 

Strengthen your employer brand

Keep up to date with the external as well as the internal perception of your company. On your tech careers page ensure the copy fits the tone of voice of the team, which may not be the same tone of voice as your brand. Use authentic photos so candidates can see the team members they’d be working with and highlight tech-focused company achievements.

Create clear paths

Once you’ve secured top talent ensure you continue to offer them opportunities to grow within the business. Encourage employees to develop new skills, explore different departments within the business if desired and allow them to carve out their own journey. 

Let your champions take the reigns

Your EVP isn’t just an exercise for HR, it requires input from employees who are passionate about the company. Engage with a small group of employees and conduct regular focus groups to ensure your EVP remains relevant.

An employee-focussed and cleverly communicated EVP not only attracts new talent but also retains the talent you have. By having a strong value proposition which looks after its employees it will be harder for the competition to tempt your talent away.

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