Why you should recruit in December

If you’re a hiring manager, the one thing on your mind this month should be…

No, not Secret Santa or the Christmas do. It should be recruitment.

Why? Read on to find out our top reasons why December is the perfect time to recruit.

Less competition

Retail and eCommerce aside, December is considered a quiet month in most industries. Businesses begin to wind down and make plans for the next year and subsequent financial quarter. It’s also the most popular month for employees to take time off and so working on skeleton staff means that a lot of businesses don’t have the time to recruit.

You can capitalise on less competition by making December the month you choose to step up your recruitment.

Accessible candidates

With more people out of the office than any other month, it is easier to get in touch with candidates. If candidates are having a break from the office, they’re more likely to pick the phone up and speak with you.

As well as this, December is the most relaxed time for candidates to gain time off to come for an interview. They can choose from a whole host of excuses as to why they need to have an afternoon off. Some examples include, I need to pick up the turkey from Waitrose, the house needs cleaning before the in-laws arrive and I need to pick up some last-minute Christmas presents, I could go on.

Being able to make contact with candidates more easily will ensure the process goes as quickly as possible.

Leftover budgets

For calendar-year companies, December marks the end of the fourth quarter. So, when it comes to December, hiring managers may have some money left in the pot which needs spending before the end of the year.

If this leftover money is spent on hiring a new employee, it ensures you’ll go into the new year with the headcount you need.

New year, New you!

Contrary to popular belief, December is often a month of high turnover. During this period many people make New Year resolutions about their career, giving them an extra push to go out and find their dream job.

Instead of inhaling mince pies at your desk and making plans for the office Christmas party, savvy hiring managers should anticipate this kind of soul-searching will be going on in the minds of many candidates during the festive season.

More time

With more people on leave throughout December, there tends to be less business-critical work. This gives hiring managers more time to look through CVs and schedule interviews.

December is also the perfect month for onboarding. With less critical work on this offers more time to dedicate and support a new starter, ensuring they are onboarded as effectively as possible.

For support and advice on your recruitment needs give us a call on 0161 9600 800. We’ll brave the cold to meet with you, and even bring a mince pie or two.

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