Video interviewing: What you need to know

With the race for tech talent fierce, it’s crucial for businesses to streamline their recruitment journey. Some forward-thinking businesses have been utilising video interviewing to screen potential candidates and beat their competition. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should add video interviewing to your recruitment process:

Reduce time

60% of potential candidates abandon the recruitment journey because of its length, therefore reducing the time taken from interview to offer is one of the most compelling reasons for using video interviewing. The average time-to-fill for IT positions is 55 days, however, by utilising video in the initial stages you can reduce this significantly.

Get ahead of the curve

Although video interviewing software has been widely talked about over the past couple of years over 55% of companies have never used it within their recruitment processes. As well as this, only 8% of companies advertise and utilise a mobile platform when recruiting. With 84% of people now owning a recording device and over half of the online traffic accounting for mobile, now is the time to act.

Candidates prefer it

As well as being convenient for hiring managers it’s also a good option for candidates too. 57% of candidates prefer video interviews compared to 34% which prefer face to face interviews. But make sure the interview is live, as only 9% of candidates prefer a one-way pre-record video assessment.

Saves money

…Now you are interested! If you are on a mass recruitment drive costs can begin to add up. The Post Office video-interviewed and reviewed 550 candidates in two weeks for the first stage of its temporary Christmas staff recruitment drive. Resourcing manager, Brett Davies, says, “overall, it saved around 80% year-on-year in terms of travel, venue and similar costs.” Previously, applicants would have attended an assessment centre with up to 20 trained assessors hired for the day, “so we could easily be spending £50,000 to run 10 assessment days.”

Promotes your employer brand

With 63% of candidates visiting company websites and their social channels after learning about a vacancy it is easier, now more than ever, for applicants to find out information about your company prior to going to an interview. To enhance your brand, a bespoke video interviewing platform will set you apart from the crowd and ensure that you are perceived as an employer of choice. It will also increase the likelihood of the candidate showing up for the next stage of the process should they be successful.

Using video interviewing in your recruitment process reduces the barriers of location, enables you to assess culture fit and eases the availability pressures of senior stakeholders. Looking to know more about how you can include video interviewing in your recruitment journey? Reach out to Rob for further information.

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